Let’s get on the slopes! Skiing trips from Toulouse

Toulouse is a great place to be the whole year round. Whereas in the summer, you can go hiking and mountain biking in the Pyrenées, winter is the perfect time to go and enjoy the snow. Being a passionate skier myself, I give you my personal recommendations for ski resorts.

There are different great options for downhill skiing in the French or Spanish Pyrénées, easily accessible by car, train or bus from Toulouse. We will give you the bus and train options at the end of this article.


The closest resort from Toulouse that is great to have a good day out on your skis, is probably Ax-les-Thermes. Just about 1.5h from Toulouse, it has great pistes for all levels and some great off-piste skiing as well.

You can either park in the town of Ax-les-Thermes and take the gondola up or park at the resort itself, just follow the signs to Ax-les-Thermes station.


This resort is a bit further than Ax (almost 2h), but it is also a good size to ski for a day. The resort goes up to 2400m, so you normally get quite a lot of  snow.

La Mongie 

With over 100km of pistes and 2,500m of altitude, La Mongie is a great resort. It’s about 2h15 from Toulouse, so a bit further again, but honestly, it’s great for a day out.


Baqueira is just my absolute favourite ski resort in the Pyrenees. It’s a bit far for just a day, because it is in the Spanish Pyrénées, but for a two-day trip it is great. The resort is big enough to have two great days of skiing, without being bored. Believe me you will not be disappointed.

You can either stay overnight in Baqueira itself or stay in one of the villages on the way between Vielha and Baqueira. Veilha It’s only 10min drive from the Baqueira gondola and you will find great restaurants, bars, shops and hotels (all at different prices).

The resort itself has 152km of slopes and you will have a great time skiing there for two days. There are also a lot of restaurants on the pistes, in case you want to stop for lunch during the day. So put your skis on!


By train

Offer Skirail – from Toulouse central station to different ski resorts like Andorra, Ax-les-Thermes, La Mongie, Guez, Luchon, etc. by train. Prices include the train ticket and ski pass.

By bus


Duclos offers transport to the major French ski resorts, like Peyragudes, Ax-les-Thermes or Saint Lary.

Price: from 18€ per person

Négoti voyage

Négoti offers transport to the following ski resorts:

· Ax 3 Domaines > Resort (leaves you directly at the resort)

· Luchon Superbagnères > Luchon village (as close as possible to the gondola)

· Peyragudes > Resort (bottom of pistes)

· Saint Lary Soulan > Village (as close as possible to the new gondola next to the thermes)

Price: €35-42


Toulouse – Peyragudes

Price: €35


Plateau de Beille 

There are four different routes you can take with different levels. For 7€ per adult, you can have a fun day enjoying the beautiful landscape around the Plateau de Beille. Snowshoes can also be rented on the spot.

If you want to book a guided tour, there are great options for different levels on this website.

There are of course many more great options in the Pyrénées! But most importantly, enjoy your winter and have fun! There is so much to discover!




4 thoughts on “Let’s get on the slopes! Skiing trips from Toulouse

  1. Are you sure there are trains from Toulouse to get to Grand Taurmalet? What is the price for train and ski ticket for one day? How can I get there exactly and what is the earliest train out of Toulouse and the 2 latest trains out of the station to get off for Grand Taurmalet? Once off the trains can I walk to Grand Taurmalet or do I have to take another form of transportation? I would like to go Saturday early morning so can you please respond back to me ASAP? Thank you very much. Please if you can give me all the answers because I have tried until I am tired and the sites are not user friendly and make no sense to me.


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