Where to learn French

Do you want to learn French from scratch or improve your existing language skills? Here are some ideas on where you can learn and practice French in Toulouse.

Alliance Française

Alliance Française offers a lot of different courses (intensive courses, evening courses, DELF preparation courses etc.). You learn in small groups and with really good teachers. Find more information on courses and prices here.

ICT Toulouse

The Institut Catholique de Toulouse is also well known for its French courses. They offer intensive courses (18 hours per week), summer courses (20 h per week in July and August), extensive courses (4 hours per week) and a phonetics class. Find more information here.

Université Jean Jaurès – DEFLE

DEFLE is the “Département d’Études du Français Langue Étrangère” at Jean Jaurès University. If you want to devote all your time to learning French, this is the perfect place.

At the beginning of the year, you need to make the “pre-inscription”  online and then send all required documents via post. Several months later (usually in May) you will learn if you were accepted. Once you are accepted you need to make a language placement test (usually at the beginning of September). The result of the test determines your language level and the group you will be in. The course is afforable, as you only pay the general French university fees. The enrollment for this year is already done. However, the university also offers summer courses: http://defle.univ-tlse2.fr/home/

I can highly recommend the studies at DEFLE. You learn a lot in a short time and can improve your French skills very quickly. Even if you are already advanced in the language, you have the possibility to study further.

Association P.A.R.L.E

They offer various language courses and also organise linguistic cafés and many other activities. If you want to join the classes you need to pay a yearly fee. Find all information on their website.

Jardin Culturel

The Jardin Culturel is a language center and offers a variety of classes. What I really enjoyed was the French Conversation Club. It is a great way to practice the language with a native speaker in a relaxed atmosphere, I really enjoyed it!

Café des Langues

The “Association Bilingue” meets every Tuesday from 19h30 at Le Cactus for its “Café des Langues”. It is a great way to speak French (or other languages) and meet new people!


The tandem approach is learning a language through exchanging with a native speaker. On the Toulangues website you can look for a Tandem partner. I had a really great experience and met a lot of interesting people.


“Apprendre le Français avec TV5 Monde” is a really great site. You can choose your level (A1-B2) and do fun exercises.

Where did you learn French? Do you know other good places? Let me know!

Have fun,

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