Fine Dining Restaurants

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French cuisine is among the most celebrated in the world. Once you live in France you understand why. Food (and of course wine) is really important in the French culture. This passion can explicitly be experienced in the many fine dining restaurants in Toulouse and surroundings. Usually these restaurants offer an “accord de vins et mets”, a bespoke selection of wine and other alcoholic beverages to go along with each dish. Depending on the sommelier, I found that this doesn’t just complement the food – it lifts the dining experience to a whole new level!


Michel Sarran **

Michel Sarran

This is my absolute favorite! You can eat à la carte or chose a set menu. I can recommend the “Menu Saveurs”, which is a changing, five-course menu (check the homepage for the current one). The presentation of food, flavors, colors and taste is really unique.

I was told that it is hard to get a table at the moment, so, if you are planning on going, book your table well in advance.

Monday to Friday
Lunch : 12h00 – 13h45 (not on Wednesday)
Dinner : 20h00 – 21h45
21 Boulevard Armand Duportal, Toulouse

L’Amphitryon *


More fine dining in a great atmosphere with a large, international selection of wines at this restaurant in Colomiers. They also offer cooking classes which always focus on a certain specialty.

Open every day for lunch and dinner.
28 Chemin de Gramont, Colomiers

En marge *

En Marge

There is one word to describe my experience there: WOW!

Really amazing restaurant. Great service. Stunning food presentation. Fascinating food creations and combinations. You have to try it!

Open every day for lunch and dinner (except Sunday evening)
1204 Route de Lacroix Falgarde, Aureville

Le Puits Saint Jacques **


I experienced this restaurant (located a little bit outside of Toulouse) as very connected to the season and focused on local ingredients. I went there in winter, which means that the ingredients were maybe not as exciting as in summer, but I still had a great experience.

Wednesday to Saturday: Lunch & dinner
Sunday: Lunch
57 Avenue Victor Capoul, Pujaudran


The following restaurants have no Michelin stars (yet) but they offer outstanding cuisine as well.

Le Saint Sauvage

Copy of Saint Sauvage

This small restaurant offers creative food in an even more creative setting.I went there some months ago for lunch and was pleasantly surprised at how little you have to pay to experience some exquisite cuisine.

Tuesday to Friday: Lunch & dinner
Saturday: Dinner
20 Rue des Salenques, Toulouse

Au poid gourmand

Au Pois Gourmande-3

The restaurant is located at the Garonne, which offers a really nice view when you are seated outside in the patio. Unlike other fine dining restaurants, you can have a menu with wine for under €80. A great restaurant to go for a romantic dinner but also to impress visitors from abroad.

Monday to Friday: Lunch & Dinner
Saturday: Dinner
3 Rue Emile Heybrard, Toulouse

This is only a selection of fine dining restaurants in Toulouse. There are so many more to experience, I am working on that 🙂

Have fun trying them out,


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