Playgrounds in Toulouse

Copy of Green.pngIt’s spring! Finally! For us, this means, that we spend our days mostly outside in the nice parks and playgrounds in Toulouse. Find here our favourite places around the city.


Untitled design-2This playground is located on the Coulée Verte in Amidonniers. There is one closed area for smaller children and another one for older kids. You can also find a basketball court, table tennis and a fitness trail.

Compans Cafarelli


A nice playground located behind the Japanese garden. What I like about this playground is that there are swings, which are rare in Toulouse (unfortunately). If you get hungry or thirsty from playing, there is a little “buvette” right next to the playground.

Jardin des Plantes

Jardin Plantes.png

The Jardin des Plantes is a really beautiful parc and just perfect for children. There are many activities for them and the playground is also a good place for playing and exploring. Plus, there are some chickens and ducks just running around the park! The playground is located behind the Museum de Toulouse.

La Daurade

Daurade.pngReally nice location by the Garonne. However, as it is also a famous spot for hanging out, drinking and partying, there could be cigarette butts and pieces of glass lying around. So, be careful and check it out first before letting your child play! There is also a nice café where you can have lunch or drink coffee (Pêcheurs de Sable).

Port Viguerie

Viguerie.pngThe playground was built last year. It is more of a climbing park and therefore, rather suitable for older kids.

Prairie des Filtres


The playground is located close to the Pont Saint Michel (Fer à Cheval) and offers big playground with swings, a dedicated area for smaller kids, slides and more fun things. The surrounding parc is perfect for a picnic and for relaxing while the kids are playing. There is also a “buvette” during summer to buy cold drinks and ice-cream.

 Raymond IV


This playground is really small but the parc is very nice. A perfect place for a picnic or the “goûter” – don’t forget to bring a picnic blanket! There is also a “Buvette“, where you can have a drink, snacks or lunch. The view is amazing!

Here is where you will find all the listed playgrounds:

Something missing? Let me know about your favourite playgrounds in Toulouse!

Have fun playing,


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