Where to enjoy a pint

Coffee and Journal on Desk Facebook Cover.pngToulouse has a great variety of pubs and there are more and more opening each year. Here is my personal selection of the best places to get a fresh pint of beer or cider. Cheers!

The Melting Pot


20863592_1624019787630728_7258875205881017413_oThis pub is definitely a classic in Toulouse. Locals call it “The Pot”. It’s not very big, but always a good start to a perfect night out.

Every day from 12h00-2h00.
26 Boulevard de Strasbourg, Toulouse

Black Lion


This pub is the most recent in Toulouse, but definitely a great one. They have happy hour every day from 18h30-20h00 on draft beers and cider. A great place for an after work drink. They also take group reservations and reserve private areas for you and your group. So, enough space for you to dance until the end of the night (I had my birthday party there and it was great).

Open every day from 8h30 to 2h00.
4 Allées Paul Feuga, Toulouse

De Danu

23130604_527557907579205_7900836102363061815_nThe De Danu was run by a former rugby player for years. It has now changed owners, but still kept it’s original setup. They serve quite decent food and offer great Sunday Full English Breakfast.

Every day 10h00 to 1h00, weekends longer
9 Rue du pont Guilhemery, Toulouse

Four Monkeys

12400922_1151368438214523_8921887409067877495_nThis pub is quite small and always quite crowded, but very nice to watch sport games on a Sunday afternoon. It is also good to grab a drink before going out in town, as it is located close to Esquirol and Pont Neuf.

Monday to Thursday 16h30 to 2h00, Saturday and Sunday 12h00 to 2h00.
7 Rue de Metz, Toulouse


11081495_1609746495928997_3645540377827643428_nThis pub at Saint Michel metro station often offers great live music, that you cannot enjoy in too many pubs in Toulouse. They also have a pool table where you can play while enjoying some pints.

Monday to Sunday 17h00 to 2h00
9 Grande Rue Saint-Michel, Toulouse

George & Dragon


george and dragon logo portriatGeorge & Dragon is a very cosy pub close to the Saint-Sernin church.
Monday to Friday: 12h00 to 2h00
Saturday: 15h00 to 3h00, Sunday: 17h00 to 24h00
1 Place Du Peyrou, Toulouse

The Thirsty Monk


The Thirsty Monk is a cute little pub on the Allée Jean Jaurès, so very central and nice to have a quite beer close to the centre. They just opened their terrace as well, so great to have a pint outside.

Monday to Thursday 16h00 to 2h00, Friday to Sunday 12h00 to 2h00.
33 Allée Jean Jaurès, Toulouse



16179336_1285008708258574_3938698845716107909_o.jpgThis pub is located on the other side of the river, in Saint-Cyprien. They offer good food and have a pub quiz on every Tusdays from 21h30.

Tuesday to Sunday 12h00 to 0h30 or 2h00
1 Rue Marthe Varsi, Toulouse

Don’t forget this is only my personal selection, there are of course others like The London Town, The Petit London, The Classroom, Dubliners, The Killarney and many more.

You can find an overview of all the pubs on this map:

Which one is your favourite pub? 

Santé, Prost, Cheers, Slainte, Salud, Salute!

3 thoughts on “Where to enjoy a pint

  1. The Pot is of course “the” pub in TLS!

    The carpets in the G&D remind me of the pubs back home!

    A couple of others to add:

    Pub O’Clock opposite the Pot, is a good place to go if you can’t get in there or want some pub grub (great “british” garlic bread!)

    The London Town by Carmes Market if you are down that side of town is owned by the same people as the G&D and De Danu!


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