Free Outdoor Sports

Outdoor Sports free.pngToulouse is a very dynamic and sports-oriented city. There are many great sports that you can practice in la Ville rose (already presented here). However, being active does not always need to cost anything. Here you find some ideas on where to practice for free.


There are several tennis courts in Toulouse which are free and openly accessible. You just need to bring your racket and balls and you can start playing! The map below shows all the tennis courts in the city.

Bases de Loisirs

The Bases de Loisirs are the green lungs of Toulouse and offer many different activities. Check out the map below for more information on equipments and activities.

Parcours Forme

The city of Toulouse has composed 14 fitness trails in and around the city. It is a great way to be active and see the city at the same time. The best is: there is a trail for every level of fitness – from beginner to pro!

City Stades

City Stades are different sports facilities throughout town, which are free of charge and freely accessible to all: skateboarding, tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, handball, hockey, athletics, petanque, et cetera. To find a City Stade close to your home check out the website.

Bicycle Tours

Toulouse Métropole organises every first Sunday of the month (from April – November) a free bicycle tour. There is no registration needed!

Roulez Rose

Roulez Rose is an association which main goal is to promote roller blading in Toulouse. They meet every Friday at 21h00 and every first Sunday at 15h00 at Place du Capitol for a roller blading tour around the city. Find more information on their website.

Decathlon Events

The Decathlon stores in Toulouse and surrounding areas organise regular sporting events and activities. Each store has different events going on. Check out the website to find the newest events.

Outside Toulouse

If you want to be active outside the city, the cities Blagnac // Colomiers // Pibrac // Cornebarrieu also have different facilities and equipments for free.

Do you know any other free & fun outdoor activity? Let us know!

Have a good workout,

Madlena Maren

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