Exotic supermarkets

Supermarkets-4.pngAre you looking for special ingredients you cannot find in a typical French supermarket? Here is a selection of exotic supermarkets we know and where we shop from time to time:


Paris Store

Paris Store is located close to Mirail University. It is a huge store with a wide range of products: Fresh vegetables and fruits, frozen food, rice, spices, but also household and cooking items and many more things.

Monday to Friday: 9h00-12h50 and 14h30-18h50 // Saturday: 9h00 – 19h15
13 rue Paul Gauguin

King Fat

Another great asian épicerie that offers really good fresh herbs and vegetables, fresh ravioli dough and many more ingredients you need to prepare an asian meal. They have two shops – one in Toulouse and the other one in Montaudran.

Monday – Friday: 9h – 13h and 14h30 – 19h30
Saturday: 9h – 19h30
157, route de Labège

Toulouse Centre
Monday – Saturday: 09h – 13h and 14h00- 19h30
3, rue Denfert-Rochereau

Hyper Asia

A great Asian supermarket close to Arènes / La Cépière.

Monday – Friday 9h30 – 13h00 and 14h30 – 19h00 // Saturday: 9h30 – 19h00

322 Route de Saint-Simon


Saveurs Bulgares

A little Bulgarian supermarket with a lot of different products (wine, cheese, spices, sweets, beer, etc.). A good place to buy puff pastry and feta cheese.

Tuesday – Saturday: 10h00 – 19h00 // Sunday: 9h00 – 13h00
10 Rue de la Colombette

Epicerie Krystal

This Russian shop has a wide selection of products from Russia and other Eastern countries: canned vegetables, cheese, cold meats, sweets, caviar and, of course, many different kind of vodkas.

Monday to Sunday 9h30 – 21h00
63 Boulevard de Strasbourg


Produits du Monde

Specialised in products from the DOM-TOM islands, this shop has everything from exotic drinks like Dodo from La Réunion and Ginger Beer (great for your Moscow Mules) up to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Monday – Friday 10h00 – 13h00 & 14h00-19h00 // Saturday -19h30 // Sunday 10h00-13h00
3 Boulevard d’Arcole

À mon d’onné

The shop offers a lot of international products: sweets, sauces, soft drinks, chips, beers etc. from all around the world.

Monday & Saturday: 14h – 20h // Tuesday – Friday: 12h – 20h
5 Rue des Changes


Casa d’Italia

This shop is located in Carmes and is one of the most known Italian shops in Toulouse. You can buy great olive oil, fresh raviolis and other specialities from Italy.

Monday – Friday: 8h30 – 13h00 and 15h30 – 19h30 // Saturday: 8h30 – 19h30 // Sunday: 9h00 – 13h00
21 Place des Carmes


Hans’l Bretzl

For all the German meat lovers. You can order nice meat from a Bavarian butcher in Munich, bretzels, and all other sorts of Bavarian specialities here.

Pick-up is 24h after order at the food truck or the beer garden. Full list of locations can be found here: http://bretzl.fr/tournee-food-truck/


La Tienda Epicerie Fine

La Tienda is a little Spanish épicerie with great products like very yummy Serrano ham, cheese and many other delicious things.

Monday to Saturday: 10h00–14h30, 16h00–20h00
3 Place du Salin, Toulouse

Ultramarinos Ana

Another small Spanish épicerie in the St. Etienne area, that offers a great selection of very nice specialities.

Monday to Saturday 10h00-20h00 // Sunday 10h00-14h00
47 Grande Rue Nazareth, Toulouse


Supermarche Soleil

Supermarche Soleil is located close the to Mirail university and offers a variety of products. They have a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetable and many other products (check on their website).

Monday and Friday: 9h00 – 13h00 and 15h00 – 19h00 // All other days: 9h00 – 19h00
152 Rue Nicolas Louis Vauquelin, Toulouse

Unfortunately, the American shop closed not long ago. If you have any other tips for British or American supermarkets, let us know.

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