A weekend in Toulouse

Are you planning to come to Toulouse for a weekend? That is a very good idea! Toulouse has a lot to offer, here is just a small selection of all the great things you can do on your trip.

Places to visit

Place du Capitole for the classical tourist picture

The landmark of Toulouse La Place du Capitole is definitely worth a trip. This impressive square with the Occitan cross in the middle has its own feeling.
Sometimes you can even visit la Salle des Illustres (1st floor), where you can enjoy fantastic paintings and a view on the square from a different perspective.

Daurade to get the real Toulouse feeling

The Toulousains love hanging out at the Daurade, a little square at the Garonne. The perfect place to chill after a great day in the city. Head down to the river banks and sit down next to one of the many groups playing music.
In summer, you can even observe wakeboarders heading up and down the river.
Café des Artistes is a great bar just next to the square and has sunshine very late. So, come here and enjoy an early evening drink.

Prairie des Filtres to take a rest

A great park close to the centre to take a seat and enjoy the view on the famous Pont Neuf and the Garonne. There is also a shop to buy drinks and icecream in summer to make your little break in the park even more perfect.

Jardin Raymond VI for a drink with a view

When you come from town, the best way to get here is to take the bridge from Saint Pierre. The crossover offers you a great view on the Garonne.
Once in the Park head to the river bank to enjoy the view on the city from the other side of town. From here you can walk along the river banks and enjoy the cascade.
If you want to stop, you can have a drink at the Guingette overlooking the river. They also often have live music and dance competition on Sundays.

Saint-Etienne to go for a stroll around the tiny little streets

Saint Etienne is great to see a real French old town. Stop for a drink at Sylène to enjoy the great view on the church and enjoy some sunshine.
If you want to relax a bit, head to Jardin des Plantes, a fantastic park.

Victor Hugo to try lots of French specialities

If you want to have the feeling of a French market and if you like to try lots of small things France has to offer, head to Victor Hugo, open Tuesdays to Sundays until 2:00pm. Buy some nice charcuterie (saucisson, jambon, etc.), a glass of wine, some fresh baguette and enjoy the vibe across the market. If you like to have a real meal, try one of the restaurants on the first floor.

Saint-Pierre to catch an afternoon/early evening drink

Go to one of the many bars at square Saint-Pierre or chill on the stairs to enjoy the view over the Garonne. Le bar basque offers a nice “garden” that gives quite some shade during hot summer days.

Stop for lunch at one of these restaurants

Here is a great selection of where to have lunch in town. Try for example “Au bon graillon”, the restaurant on the first floor of the Victor Hugo market. All recommendations here.

Places to take your better half or friends out for dinner

All depends on where you want to go for dinner. Here is our selection of different type of food: enjoy some nice tapas, book a fancy restaurant to enjoy the fine French cuisine or try some world specialities.


Bike ride along the canal de midi for the sporty tourists

Take a bike and ride along the canal de midi from Toulouse towards Carcassone. You can easily chose the distance you would like to do (either you leave from Toulouse and turn back at a certain point) or you take the train to Carcassonne and ride back. Careful no road bikes are recommended, as the path can be quite pebbly.

You can easily hire the vélo Toulouse that you can find at every corner around town – you can pay by credit card and the bikes lost €5 max per day. These are not the most sporty bikes, but for a ride along the canal to get a first feeling, they are totally fine.

Musée aéroscopia for aerospace freaks

If you are into planes and their history, then come to this museum. It offers great tours around the A380 Final Assembly Line and has planes like the Concorde on display. One of the highlights is the first flight of the A380 to which you can assist.

Cité de l’espace for space fans

Are you a space fan? Do you want to know everything about space? Have you heard about Thomas Pesquet, the Toulousain who went into space? Then come to the Cité de l’Espace, a great place to learn everything about space. You can easily enjoy a full day here. Bring your picnic and enjoy the outdoor space.

Cinema on a rainy day or a quite night

Pathé Gaumont at Place Wilson shows all movies in original. So if it happens to be a rainy day, enjoy one of the many movies out at the moment.

Opera for a classical night for a classical night

Toulouse offers great theatre and opera plays. If you like ballet, Toulouse has its own company that does really amazing shows. They perform at the opera house or at the Halle aux Grains, a concert hall next to François Verdier.

Shopping tips to spend some money and buy souvenirs

The biggest shopping area is in the centre of Toulouse. On Alsace Lorraine and close by you have all the big brands like Galleries Lafayette, Zara, Morgan, etc. If you go towards Carmes or towards Daurade you will find smaller boutiques.

Toulouse also has some shopping centres around town e.g. Blagnac centre commercial, Fenouillet, Labège.

Looking for some souvenirs? Toulouse is all about violet and airplanes. If you need a gift for children, then you can buy cute gifts at the Airbus airport shop (after security). For violet, you will find small shops all around town.
Have fun exploring Toulouse! If you found a perfect spot during your time here, just let us know!

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