Delicious tapas bar (part 2)

In our first article about Tapas bars, we already mentioned many nice places around Toulouse. Here is our new selection of restaurants where to eat delicious small dishes (of course it’s no real Tapas – don’t worry Spanish people – we are aware!)

La cantine à la une


This Tapas restaurant belongs to Le Bistroquet which is just next door and offers very fresh and seasonal tapas. Book a table in advance, as this restaurant is always fully booked! If you just fancy going there for lunch, please find our latest blog article about lunch restaurants here.

Monday to Sunday 12h00-14h30 // 19h00-13h30
10 rue Labeda, Toulouse

Maître Renard


Maître Renard is known for its great wine menu, as well as local regional tapas with great products. We definitely loved the avocado cream with mango and in soy marinated egg yolk, the Burrata with Pistachio and the breaded gambas. Absolutely delicious!

Tuesday to Saturday 18h00-late
46 Rue Pharaon, Toulouse

L’Alimentation – le bar à vin


This new wine bar opened in April this year and as the name indicates, it has the same owners as L’Alimentation that already exists near Jean Jaures. The interior design is great and they have a large selection of wine, cheese and charcuterie, as well as little dishes. Careful, they don’t take reservations and it’s always very crowded, so either be there when they open or have a drink at the bar while you wait.

Tuesday to Saturday 10h00-2h00
24 Place de la Bourse, Toulouse

Le Club


This bar is between Carmes and Palais de Justice and has a great atmosphere. You can order different tapas and they have great cocktails as well. We definitely like it for the atmosphere there. Very casual. If you need to book a table, you can send them a message via Facebook and they answer you very quickly.

Monday to Saturday 15:00-late
5 rue de Fonderie, Toulouse

Côté Vin

Have fun trying these restaurants and let me know if you know of any others that I haven’t mentioned.


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