Places to watch the World Cup


The World Cup starts today! We are very excited and can’t wait to support our team! It is more fun to watch the game with others, that is why we have put together a list of places where you can watch the games (the city of Toulouse will not show any games on big screens).

You don’t know who is playing when? Have a look here.

Palais de Justice / Saint-Michel

The Black Lion

One of our favourite pubs in Toulouse and of course, they will show all games during their opening hours.
Tip: For all games, guess the score at the bar and win a pint.


They will show all games during the World Cup.
Tip: They have Happy Hour special prices from 17H30-18H30.

Le Biergarten 🇩🇪

Le Biergarten in Saint-Michel will show the Germany games, but not only. They will also show other games like France, Spain, Portugal etc.

Esquirol / Carmes

The Four Monkeys

They will show all games on four big screens inside the pub. You can find the list of all games on their website.
Tip: You can guess the score of every game and win a pint!

Resident Bar

Resident Bar will show all games that are happening during their opening hours: 18h00 to 2h00 and 18h00 to 3h00 on Saturday.
Tip: Happy hour every day from 18h to 21h and Tuesdays 18h to 2h.

The London Town

The London Town will show all games. However, they have a special game for the France and England matches: for every goal scored, someone will win a beer. They give out tickets numbered 1-90, and if a goal is scored in the minute of the game corresponding to your ticket you win a pint.
Tip: With the World Cup loyalty card you will receive the 6th pint for free.

Hopscotch Pub & Brewery

They are showing the games but only those live during their opening hours.
Tip: They have a special offering on whiskies and brewed a special beer for the occasion.


The Melting Pot

A classic to watch the games. The Pot, as it is called with English people, will show all the games during the World Cup.
Tip: Happy Hour daily 19h00 – 20h30 at €4 a pint and special offers for the World Cup (discover them directly there).

Pub O’Clock

This pub on Boulevard de Strasbourg (Jean-Jaurès) will show all games of the world cup. However, they will only put the sound on for the very popular ones.
Tip: They have a loyalty card « buy 9 pints get the tenth for free », happy hour is every day from 6.30pm till 8pm, pints from 4€ and they have loads of special offers with presents (football balls, key rings, bottle opener, etc.). After a successful game of France, it’s Happy Hour for 30 minutes. 

The Thirsty Monk

All world cup games shown on 2 indoor screens with local beers on offer from different teams competing in the World Cup.
Tip: Happy hours between 17h30-18h30 and 21h30-22h30 where pints are 4€ and coke is 3€. They also have a special loyalty card for the duration of the World Cup, 9 pints bought, the 10th pint free! Plus, once the loyalty card is full, you enter automatically into a competition to win an official t-shirt of the World Cup.

The Frog & Rosbif

A micro-brewery in Toulouse centre, the Frog & Rosbif will show all games during the World Cup.
Tip: They have a special fo
otball World Cup Nostravia burger, Moscow mules made with Russian vodka, a sharing cocktail called Kremlin, Russian vodka shots with jugs on offer and they also run a score competition for all games – prize a jug of beer



Délirium Café Toulouse

The Délirium Café will show all games inside on big screen and outside in their backyard as well, in case you want to enjoy some sun during the games.

Snapper Rock

This pub also shows all games. They have 3 screens inside and 2 screens outside, so you can also enjoy the sun while watching the games.
Tip: They have a special offer during the World Cup: Burger and pint for 10€

La Maison

La Maison will show all games that happen during their usual opening hours (Monday to Saturday from 17h30 to late).

Connexion Live

Le Connexion is showing all games that start later than 16h, so all major European games and others. You can find the detailed schedule in their Facebook event.
Tip: They will offer special tapas + drinks during the World Cup.

Au Fût et à mesure 🇫🇷

Au Fût et à mesure is a bar close to Connexion and La Maison and will show all France games even the ones at 12h and 16h, as well as all games that are on during their opening hours (17h-2h Monday to Sunday).
Tip: Special cocktails and drinks during the World Cup (e.g. 2 Gin Tomint for 12€)

Francois Verdier

De Danu

The pub is open everyday all day from 10am to 2am. They have 8 tv screens including 2 on the outside area along with a big terrace and show all the games.
Tip: They chef will prepare special burgers depending on the games! They also offer a special fidelity card for the World Cup (6th beer for free!).

Saint-Pierre / Saint-Sernin

George & Dragon

George & Dragon will of course also show all games.
Tip: Special World Cup offer – buy 6 pints and the 6th one is free.

Chez Tonton 🇫🇷

Chez Tonton at Place Saint-Pierre will show all France games.
Tip: after every goal by the French team – happy hour for the next 10min

The Classroom

The Classroom, close to Capitole and Saint-Pierre, is also showing all the games.


Casa de España 🇪🇸

Casa de España is located in Minimes. They are showing all Spain matches.

Ile du Ramiers

La Centrale

La Centrale will show all the games, however only certain games will be put on loud speaker, such as France, Spain, Germany, Brasil, Portugal and Argentina.

Places around Toulouse

Hans’l and Bretz’l – Aussonne 🇩🇪

The beer garden in Aussonne will also show all Germany games on big screen. Enjoy some German food and beer while watching the game.

Brasseur Toulousain – Cornebarrieu

The Brasseur Toulousain will not show all games, but these are the ones the will definitely show:

Saturday 16th June: FRANCE vs AUSTRALIA : 12h
Wednesday, 20th June: PORTUGAL vs SPAIN : 14h
Thursday, 21st June: FRANCE vs PERU : 17h
Tuesday, 26th June: FRANCE vs DENMARK : 12h
Thursday, 28th June: ENGLAND vs BELGIUM : 20h
All quarter and semi finals, as well as the final, of course.

Le Canard sur le Toit – Colomiers 🇫🇷

Le Canard sur le Toit is a great outdoor bar in Colomiers. They will in particular show the France games, however, if the weather is great, also all the others.

Au Bureau Labège – Labège or Fenouillet

Au Bureau is a chain and has two pubs in the Toulouse area, one in Labège and the other one in Fenouillet. They both show all the games of the world cup. You can also reserve your table online.

Voile blanche – Lac de Sesquières

La voile blanche is a great outdoor restaurant, bar and club with a pool to enjoy the hot summer days in Toulouse. They will show all the games of the World Cup on big screen.

Have fun supporting your team during this year’s World Cup,

Madlena Maren

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