Summer in Toulouse

Finally summer is here! It was about time! For those of you who will spend their summer in Toulouse or at least a part of it, here are our tips on what you can do during the warm summer months. Enjoy!

Sports on warm summer days

Summer Sports

Summer week classes

The city of Toulouse offers some weekly sports “stages”, such as swimming for beginners, intermediate and experts, aqua-gym, tennis, windsurfing and many more. The week classes start beginning of July, so be fast in signing up. A week of Tennis costs for example only €30.

Roller skating Friday evening

The association “Roulez rose” goes on weekly trips around town for either 9 or 14kms. They meet at the Place du Capitole at 21h every Friday. Join in and discover Toulouse from a different angle.

Outdoor activities, e.g. wakeboarding, canyoning

Have a read through our former blog post on outdoor activities. As it was raining quite a lot, it is actually now perfect timing for some canyoning in the Pyrenees and as every summer, if it gets too hot, jump on a wakeboard and cool down after an amazing stunt.

Free outdoor activities

You don’t want to spend too much money, but you just want to play some tennis or beach volleyball with your friends? Then have a read through our blog post on free outdoor activities.

Toulouse Plage

From 14th July to 9th September, Toulouse Plage will again be hold at the Prairie des Filtes. Toulouse Plage means a lot of animations, free sports to try such as yoga classes, boxing, rowing and much more. The full agenda is not out yet, but will inform you as soon as it is available.

Big Wheel (Grande Roue) – part of Toulouse Plage

From 14th July, the big wheel will be back at the Port Viguerie, all newly done. The wheel is great for a warm summer night. Enjoy the view over the river, the Daurade and the city with your lover or friends.

No summer without music


Les siestes éléctroniques 

For the 17th time, les siestes éléctroniques will take place in Toulouse from 27th June to 1st July. This free outdoor electro festival in the centre of Toulouse (this year in the park Compans-Caffarelli) is a great festival to hang out with friends, have some drinks and enjoy some nice beats to start the summer.

Festival de Carcassonne 

The festival in Carcassonne is hold in the arena in the cité of Carcassonne, so the location alone is already breath-taking. You can enjoy Operas, such as Carmen or Carmina Burana or concerts like Jain, Beth Ditto, Angus and Julia Stone or Iam. Another experience to enjoy Carcassonne.

Festival Pause Guitare 

From 3rd July to 8th July in Albi with known artists like Santana, Deep Purple, James Blunt.

Festival Toulouse d’été

This festival is hold in Toulouse and offers 31 concerts in 6 historical locations around town: Les Abattoirs, Chapelle des Carmélites, Auditorium Saint-Pierre des cuisines, Théâtre du Capitole, Metronum and Espace Job.

Jazz in Marciac

Jazz in Marciac is a Jazz festival in the Gers, around 130km from Toulouse. It takes place from 27th July to 15th August and has big names like Santana on the agenda.

Piano aux Jacobins 

Classical music in an exceptional place. From 5th to 29th September, big pianists, violinists and other classical artists will hold concerts in the monastery.

Open-Air Bars 

You can of course also enjoy nice music and a drink in one of the many open-air bars Toulouse has to offer during summer: La Centrale, Canaille Club, Les Robins du Bois, L’Envol, La Voile Blanche, Le Canard sur le Toit and many more. Read our last blog post on open-air bars in Toulouse.

Enjoy a great film

Cinémathèque de Toulouse

The cinémathèque de Toulouse opens an open-air cinema in their yard during summer. They don’t show the most recent movies, but sometimes a good classic is also worth watching.


Cinéfol31 offers free cinema sessions in different locations around the region, e.g. village squares, sports fields, in the street or in public parks. This year, they will show films from 15th June to 15th September.

ciné sous les étoiles 

This open-air cinema in Colomiers is a free cinema organised by the city of Colomiers. The sites open from 20h00, so that you can bring your picnic and enjoy the whole evening there. Tables and chairs are provided, so just bring your food and enjoy the film.

Ciné Drive In Labège

During three days, you can enjoy a real Amercian feeling. The commercial centre in Labège is transformed into a giant outdoor cinema. The programme is not out yet. We will update you on our Facebook page as soon as it is out.

Rencontres Gindou Cinema 

This cinema festival close to Cahors has a long tradition (34th edition) and gathers up to 17,000 people in one edition. This year it will be hold from 18th to 25th August. The films are shown in different locations, as for example in the Cinéma de Verdure, an external amphitheatre of 700 seats.

National Holiday – 14th July

On 14th July, the French National Holiday, the city of Toulouse organises a big firework on the river Garonne. The best spot is on the Pont Neuf (but careful, there will be many people), or all along the river. The Prairie des Filtres is very comfy, but not the best spot due to the high trees in front.

All major cities in France are doing fireworks, like the cities not far from Toulouse like Cahors, Castres, Auch and also Carcassonne. The one in Carcassonne is really special, please read our former blog post about Carcassonne to find out more.

Have a great summer in Toulouse,

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