Lunch in and around Blagnac

Lunch in & around Blagnac

Are you working in Blagnac and looking for a restaurant for your lunch break? Find here a selection of restaurants in and around Blagnac. Bon appétit!

French Restaurants

Les 2 M

This restaurant is a just off the main road in Blagnac and has a great terrasse outside under the arcades in the shade. They offer a great seasonal lunch menu for only €15 (starter, main, dessert). Colleagues have been there several times already and never got disappointed.

Monday 9h30 – 15h00 // Wednesday to Saturday 9h30 – 15h00 and 18h00 – 0h00.
3 Rue Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, Blagnac

La Mamita

La Mamita is a small little restaurant that has great dishes for lunch. Either you can chose one of the many quiches or the dish of the day, which is normally also very delicious. It’s quite a small place, so not so great for big groups.

Monday to Friday 8H30-17h30
21 avenue du Parc, Blagnac

Au fil du tram 

A daily changing menu and therefore very fresh meals. They offer a menu (starter, main and dessert) for €19, however you can also only chose to have a starter + main or a main + dessert (€16).

Monday to Friday from 12h00 – 14h00 and 19h30 – 22h00 (they have an excellent online booking system).
82, route de Grenade, Blagnac and as the name indicates, the next Tram station is not far neither: Tram T1: Station PASTEUR – Mairie de Blagnac

Meet the Meat

You probably know Meet the Meat from Toulouse centre. It’s the same owner who opened this restaurant recently in the centre of Blagnac. They offer a menu of the day with lots of different meat options. Starter and main are €12,50, for starter, main and dessert €15.

Monday to Saturday 11h00-23h00
2 Boulevard Jean Rivet, 31700 Blagnac

Mon Bistrot

Mon Bistrot is a little restaurant next to the Radisson Hotel near the airport. They offer lunch menus from 16,50€ and are also open some evening with menus from 25€. Book your table as this restaurant is always fully booked.

Monday to Friday 12h00-14h00 | Monday to Wednesday 19h00-21h30
4 Rue Dieudonné Costes, Blagnac

Villa d’Emile

This little treasure chest offers one of the best Entrecôte in the Toulouse area. Many Airbus employees come during lunchtime to enjoy a variety of changing dishes that are plentiful and delicious alike. Occasionally, they also serve Currywurst (ask in advance to be sure). 

Monday to Friday 11H30-0h00
45 Chemin d’Uliet, Cornebarrieu


Mongelli has great pizzas in a lovely restaurant in the centre of Blagnac. They have a small terrace outside and are normally always quite fully booked. Tip: Book your table in advance and don’t come there too late, as they do not close late.

Tuesday to Saturday 11h30-14h00 & 18h30-22h00
19 Boulevard Jean Rivet, Blagnac


If you are German, you definitely know Vapiano. This Italian restaurant has a huge access around the globe. They make delicious Italian food in a new concept. No table service, you get a card at the beginning to charge all your spendings on and you pay once leaving. It’s all fresh and they cook the food in front of you. Pretty nice!

Monday to Sunday 11h00-23h30
1 avenue Georges Brassens, Face au Centre commercial Leclerc- ZAC du Grand Noble Blagnac


Rajpoot is a great restaurant with authentic Indian curry (all our English friends confirmed). From Monday to Friday they offer a special lunch menu for €13,80 or €20,80 that includes the choice of several starters, main and dessert.

Open Monday to Friday from 12h00 – 14h00 // Monday to Saturday 19h15 – 22h00.
37 Avenue du Parc, 31700 Blagnac

Tokami Sushi

Located inside the shopping centre in Blagnac, this restaurant offers a great lunch menu for €14,50 from Monday to Saturday. It includes a miso soup, salad, rice and either sushi or yakitori.

Open every day from 12h00-14h30 & 19H-22h30 (closed for lunch on Sunday)
2 Allée Emile Zola, Blagnac


This corean restaurant offers a lunch menu (starter, main and dessert) from €17,50. The main dish changes daily.

Lunch from 12h00 – 13h30 (From Tuesday to Friday)
Dinner from 19h30 to 21h30 (From Thursday to Saturday)
23 rue des Mines, Blagnac


Kumquat offers really nice and fresh food for lunch. The owners are really friendly and make your stay very pleasant. Definitely to try if you look for a nice Vietnamese in Blagnac.

Monday to Friday 11:15–14:00
18 Rue Raymond Grimaud, Blagnac


Apfelstrudel is a little restaurant next to the Odyssud park. Every lunch you can either chose Maultaschen (German speciality from the area of Stuttgart), Burger or a dish of the day.

Tuesday to Friday 8h00-18h00 & Saturday-Sunday 9h30-18h00
2 cheminement des Sophoras, Blagnac

Hans’l et Bretz’l

On three different days, the Hans’l et Bretz’l truck drives around the different Airbus sites (however accessible to everyone).

Tuesday 11h45 – 13h30: Base de Vie Chantier Parc Expo Blagnac Musée Aéroscopia et Airbus Lagardère (3601 Chemin du Pigeonnier, 31840 Aussonne)

Wednesday 11h45 – 13h30: Blagnac sortie 3 CE Airbus AISC – open to everyone (8 Rue Georges Lequiem, 31700 Blagnac)

Thursday 11h45 – 13h30: Colomiers sortie 3 opposite Lidl at 200m from Airbus Louis Bréguet (5-7 Avenue Edouard Serres, 31770 Colomiers)


The organic shop BioCoop offers great lunch menus for €5,90 or €7,90 and includes two different salads and quiche or pizza slice, spring roles, tofu and other. For dessert, you can chose between joghurt and “fromage blanc” and top it up with fruits, chocolate chips or crunchy muesli. Very delicious for not much money.

Monday to Saturday : 09h00 – 19h30
2 rue Henri Matisse, Blagnac

Faim de Haricots

A great vegetarian restaurant that offers a lunch buffet varying from salads, to quiches, to soups and desserts. From €11, you have a great choice of different healthy and fresh food.

Monday to Friday 12h00-14h00
9 Rue des Ferronniers, Blagnac


PepEat is a great healthy vegan take-away in Blagnac that offers great lunch deals like Buddha Bowls, meal of the day and delicious desserts. If you train at Interval, Lady Concept or Happiness Cycling, PepEat is just next to it.

Monday to Friday 8h00-15h00 (Tuesday and Thursday from 7h00)
19 rue Raymond Grimaud, 

Overview of restaurants

Have a great lunch break in Blagnac and surroundings. Let us know about your tips for even more great places to eat. 

Madlena Maren

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