Sport Activities in Blagnac


If you live or work close to Blagnac, a lot of different possibilities are offered to you. Blagnac has two parks that are ideal for outdoor sports, either to run or do outdoor sports like bootcamp sessions, yoga and much more. Here are our tips to get fit in Blagnac.

Outdoor sports

Check-in Gym

Checkin Gym is a great concept to enjoy one hour sport in an outdoor park with a nice group of people and a motivating coach. Classes in Blagnac are every Thursday at 19h00 in the park Odyssud (the whole year round, also during winter). The group meets at the P6 and then goes somewhere into the park, normally not so far from the tennis courts.

Running tracks

There are different options to go for a run and different distances. For very small runs of up to 5km, you can easily go to the park Odyssud. If you would like to run for longer, I would recommend you to run in the Park du Ramiers that is very nicely done.

Quinze Sols

You can either run directly from Park des Ramiers to Quinze Sols, or you can park your car there. The park is really great as you can run in a forest along the Garonne. The scenery is nice and you are far away from cars and the loud city.

Parc des Ramiers

This park is really great as it gives you the option to run in the park or along the Garonne, which is in the shade so very accessible also in summer months. The park itself also has free sports facilities to do some workout after your run. If you would like to go for a longer run >10k, you can go along the Garonne up to the park Quinze Sols.

Park du Ritouret (Odyssud)

This park is not for you if you look for a long run >5k. However if you like to do a small workout, then this park is right. It is small, but pretty. To do a 5k run, you will need to go around the park 3 times. What is great this park has little hills, meaning you can do some workout sprinting up the hill and down again.

Tennis (indoor and outdoor)

At the sports complexe du Ritouret (park Odyssud), the Blagnac Tennis Club has 4 indoor courts and 8 outdoor courts.

You can book your tennis court here (if you aren’t a member of the tennis club).

Mixed Touch Rugby

Mixed Touch Rugby matches are arranged every Thursday at 19h30 at Parc Mail Louis (Tram: Grand Noble). Everyone is welcome to join. The session is usually divided into a training/coaching session followed by a game. Fun and Fitness guaranteed! If you need more information do not hesitate to contact Mark via the Facebook group.

Free outdoor facilities

At the park du Ritouret and the park des Ramiers, you have free sport facilities to do some workout. They are of course not as good as in a gym, but they offer you the possibility to work out in nature for free.

Indoor Sports

Ice skating

Blagnac has a great indoor ice rink, that is open the whole year. They offer special theme nights, like Disco Funk Music or concert nights (mostly on Fridays).

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is in the park des Ramiers and has two pools (one indoor of 25m and one outdoor of 50m). The outdoor is only open during summer, the timetable can be found on their website.

They also have another swimming pool for kids (Avenue Général de Gaulle) that is especially to learn how to swim. It is also used for Aquagym classes, if you fancy doing some gymnastics in the water.



This new centre for relaxation opened in the centre of Blagnac beginning of September. They offer Pilates, Yoga, Qi gong, Meditation and many other classes and styles of Meditation. Give it a try.

5 Rue de Lavoisier, Blagnac


Blagnac has quite some gyms to offer, as we haven’t tried them ourselves, we will not list them here. However, you can find

Happiness Cycling

If you are into spinning, then Happiness Cycling is a great place for you. This cycling studio is really modern and offers lots of slots during the day, even very early during the week.


Blagnac has a lot of associations, from volleyball, gymnastics, tennis, hockey to rugby. You can all find them listed here.

Have fun getting fit in Blagnac and let us know if you think of any other sport facilities that is worth mentioning.


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