Yoga classes in English

One month after the “Rentrée” everyone is back to work, the traffic on the roads is worse than ever and everyone gets more and more stressed. It’s time for some sport and relaxation. Why not trying some new yoga classes? Here is our personal selection of yoga classes in English. Namaste!

Affordable Yoga

We love this still relatively new concept in Toulouse. Yoga for only €6 a class (or less, if you buy 5, 10 or 25 classes) in several different locations around town. They have great teachers and it is a lot of fun!

The best way to know where a class is happening is to download the Affordable Yoga app. At the moment they offer classes on Saturday mornings at 11h00 and Tuesday evenings at 19h30. More and more classes will be added soon, so keep checking the app.

Yoga Sadhana

This newly found yoga studio is situated next to the Saint-Aubin church in the center. The studio is very clean and modern and offers one English class on Saturdays from 12h30-13h45 with Laure. Laure is, like the name indicates French, however, has a perfect English and teaches Vinyasa classes in a really small group. Perfect to learn and get useful tips directly from the teacher. You can also check her Facebook page.

Saturdays: 12h30-13h45
19 bis rue Riquet, Toulouse

Dharamsal Yoga

This Yoga centre is specialised in Kundalini Yoga. They have pre- and postnatal classes, too. Every Friday they offer a class in English (12h15 – 13h30). Try it, you will feel so relaxed afterwards!

Fridays: 12h15-13h30
30 allée de Barcelone, Toulouse

Teratai Yoga

Ophélie is teaching in different schools around Toulouse and Blagnac and teaches a mix of French/English. So don’t be afraid to go, Ophélie will be happy to make you feel comfortable speaking English.

Places include Sattva Yoga Studi (Canal du Midi), Eka Yoga (Médiathèque), Loft 19 (Blagnac), le Trait bleu (Carmes) or Art Yoga (Barrière de Paris). You can find a detailed map and prices for each location on her website.

Sattva Yoga Shala

Sattva Yoga studio at Canal de Midi offers a lot of great classes during the week and now also has one in English every Saturday from 12h45 to 14h with Buge (some of you know might know her from Affordable Yoga as well). Find the full timetable here.

Julie Yoga

Julie recently arrived in Toulouse and gives yoga classes in French and English. From 18h to 19h15 Monday to Friday and Saturday from 10h to 11h15 in Compans Caffarelli close to the canal (PM her to know where exactly the class will be held). In good weather, the class takes place in the park. Classes are €12, currently €10 to try the class out. All information on her Facebook Page.

Have a great time trying out these yoga studios around town. If you know of any more, let us know and we are happy to test and list them here.

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