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In France food plays a very important role in everyday life. People here value good products and high quality food. That is why you find many speciality shops, which offer amazing products. Find here our favorite shops in and around Toulouse.




One of the best cheese shops in Toulouse and a real paradise for cheese lovers. You have to try the truffle brie – it will change your life!

Open Monday 15h30 – 19h15 | Tuesday to Friday 9h30 – 13h15 & 15h30 – 19h15| Saturday 9h00 – 13h30 & 14h30 – 19h15
6, place Victor Hugo, Toulouse

Fromagerie Betty 

Betty is also one of the great cheese shops in Toulouse where you have one of the best selections of delicious cheese. It is also located in the Victor Hugo and Marché des Carmes, but also has a shop a bit outside of Toulouse.

Marché Victor Hugo, place Victor Hugo, Toulouse
Marché des Carmes, Place des Carmes, Toulouse
3 Rue Jean Monnet, 31240 Saint-Jean

Deux Chavanne

Another great cheese shop located in the Carmes market, but also with its own shop.

Marché des Carmes, Place des Carmes, Toulouse
28, avenue Saint-Expéry

La Crèmerie des Biquettes

This little cheese shop is located in Saint-Cyprien, once in the Saint-Cyprien market, once with its own shop. On Friday evenings, you can enjoy a great cheese or charcuterie platter on their little terrasse and enjoy the atmosphere of the Place de l’Estrapade.

Open from 9h30-14h30 and 16h30-19h30 | Fridays even until 23h30

Marché Saint-Cyprien, Place Intérieure Saint-Cyprien, Toulouse
9, rue Réclusane, Toulouse



Boulangerie Patisserie Pons

Located in Sept Deniers, this bakery has the best baguette in town: La Pétrisane! Also really good is the conquerant bread, especially for Germans, who know it is hard to find good bread like at home.

Monday to Sunday 6h-20h
20 Bis Route de Blagnac, Toulouse

Maison de Oliveira

This bakery in Sain-Cyprien just opposite the Saint-Cyprien Market has a great bread and pastry selection. Try the croissants, there are just delicious.

Tuesday to Sunday 6h-20h
2 Avenue Etienne Billières, Toulouse

La halle au pain

They have amazing raspberry croissants that look super pretty. You will for sure make a good impression when you bring them to your next brunch date. Careful though, they only make them on Sundays!

Tuesday to Sunday 6h-20h
7 Place Dupuy, Toulouse

Maison Beauhaire

A very traditional bakery with a “Meilleur Ouvrir de France” as the owner. If you look for bread with a great crust and nice and fluffy inside, then you will find the perfect bread here.

Tuesday to Sunday 6h to 14h
Marché Victor Hugo, Place Victor Hugo

Le Patapain 

This new little bakery close to Metro A station Fontaine-Lestang is a great discovery. They are only open three afternoons a week. Simon bakes great sourdough bread in different variations (wholebread, pumpkin sead, dark bread, etc.) with organic flour and less salt than in normal bread. Very delicious!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 16-18h30
88 rue Vestrepain, Toulouse




Marty is well-known for it’s shop in Victor Hugo Market. However, they now also have a shop in Carmes where you can buy their delicious meat. Try their steaks for the barbecue in summer, you will see how tender their meat is.

Marché Victor Hugo: Monday to Sunday 6h-14h
15 Rue des Filatiers, Toulouse (Carmes): Tuesday to Saturday 9h30-13h00 & 15h30-19h30

Chez Mario

Another great butcher located in Cornebarrieu. Chez Mario offers a variety of different meats, cold cuts and delicatessen, including Wagyu, which is expensive but also worth a try!

Le Cochon Regaleur

Specialised in charcuterie, this butcher also has some of the best pork meat in stock. If you want to make a BBQ with spare ribs, you will definitely want to stop at this place. Just ask them nicely to prepare a travers de porc in the way you need it and you will not be dissapointed.

Monday to Sunday: 6h00 – 14h00
Marché Victor Hugo, place Victor Hugo, Toulouse

Biocoop Blagnac

The Biocoop in Blagnac has an amazing meat section, all organic and at reasonable prices. The meats and deli are prepared freshly by butchers in the shop and if you ask nicely they will even get you your favorite cut. Top secret for all lovers of the Frankish cuisine: ask for a palette de porc to be cut into two to three pieces and you will get top grade Schäufele.

Monday to Saturday 9h00 – 19H-h30
2 rue Henri Matisse, Blagnac



La Brûlerie des Filatiers

This coffee shop in Carmes is one of the rare one that roast their own coffee in the shop. When you come in the shop, you can already smell the freshly roasted coffee. If you don’t like coffee, you can also find a great selection of tea.

Monday 13h00-1900 | Tuesday to Saturday 8h30-19h00
28 Rue des Filatiers, Toulouse

Café Bacquié

This store has an amazing coffee selection. However, they also offer teas, wines, champagnes and other delicatessen. Check it out!

Monday 14h30 – 19h00 | Tuesday to Saturday 9h00 – 12h30, 14h30 – 19h00
5 place Victor Hugo, Toulouse
1 rue boulbonne, Toulouse

Brûlerie des Saveurs

One of the rare coffee shops that roasts their coffee themselves. If you come with someone that doesn’t like coffee, they also offer delicious tea and smoothies.

Monday to Saturday 8h30-19h00
5 place Rouaix, Toulouse



Pâtisserie Conté 

This pâtisserie in the nice Saint-Etienne area is a pastry shop with a long tradition. The shop is now in the hands of the third generation and the fourth is already getting involved. The éclair au chocolat, the mille-feuille, flan and macarons, but also the salty pastries like quiche with spinach are delicious.

Tuesday to Saturday 7h45-19h30 | Sunday 8h00-13h00
37, Rue Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse

Au Poussin Bleu

Au Poussin Bleu is well known around Toulouse for its Macarons. They are not the perfect looking ones, however they are very delicious and definitely one of the best ones around town.

Tuesday to Saturday 8h00-19h00 | Sunday 8h00-12h30
45 rue du Languedoc, Toulouse


Perlette can only be described as an art shop. The little cakes and “patisseries” are all little art works in itself. Check their instagram account (@perlettelapatisserie) to have a first impression of the delicious pastries.

Monday 11h00-19h30 | Tuesday to Saturday 9h30-19h30 | Sunday 9h30-13h30
5 rue du poids de l’huile, Toulouse

Saint Criq

This pâtisserie in Patte-d’Oie does very delicious little patisserie. They offer pretty artistic pastries that are very delicious and make quite some impression on guest coming from abroad.

Tuesday to Saturday 6h30-20h30
7 Place de la Patte d’Oie, Toulouse

These are of course not all the nice shops that you can find in Toulouse. This is just a small selection to start your food experience in Toulouse. Enjoy! 

Madlena Maren

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