Halloween in Toulouse

Halloween Toulouse wunderbar

Trick or treat! It’s Halloween season again! Even if we are not in the US, you can enjoy some Halloween traditions in Toulouse. Whether you want to have a party with your friends or take your kids for some Halloween dressed-up party, we put together different options for you to enjoy the day.

Halloween for adults

Halloween for adults in Toulouse

Halloween in a pub/bar

If you like to have a great party all dressed-up for Halloween, check out these bars in central Toulouse:

Halloween with special films

If you are more into watching some creepy movies on Halloween, then this might be a good option for you:

Nuit blanche à La Forêt Électrique

5 films (Adams Family + The Voices + Tucker & Dale fightent le mal + Evil Dead 2 + The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and coffee/tea all night long and breakfast offered in the morning €20.

Cinéma de l’Union 

The cinema offers special horror films all day long including La nonne, Hérédité, Ghostland and Le Secret des Marrowbone (all in VF) for the special price of €4.

New film “Halloween” in cinemas

A week before Halloween, the cinema industry again hit with a new scary horror movie, Halloween. 40 years later, Michael Myers escapes and is on the hunt again. All major cinemas in Toulouse are showing the movie: Pathé Gaumont Labège and Wilson, UGC, CGR Blagnac, kinepolis Fenouillet, Véo Muret, with Pathé Gaumont Wilson being the only one showing it in VO.

Escape Games & scary real-time games

Escape Games

Why not go for an escape game? For example Zombies at Enigma Escape is scary the whole year round and especially during Halloween time. Enigma Escape has a special Halloween decoration and special surprises for all participants during the full week of Halloween.
An overview of all escape games in Toulouse can be found here.

This new real-time game is taking place at the Château de Caumont, West of Toulouse. You will enter the castle where the family Hawkins lives who have been recently exposed to strange phenomenons. It is your mission to find out in 45min what is happening in the house. Careful: this experience is for over 16 year olds.

Opening times: 26th October 19h to 31st October 23h30
Parc du Château de Caumont, 32130 Cazaux-Savès

Halloween for the little one’s

Halloween for kids in Toulouse

Halloween in indoor playgrounds

Halloween at Hopy Park

Special Halloween evening from 19h to 22h30 with dinner buffet (drinks included). For €14 per kid and €16 per adult. Therewill be a big game around the theme Harry Potter, prize for the best dress-up with lot of different prize draws incl. a free birthday party for up to 8 kids.

Trampoline Park Halloween Party

A lot of different surprises for kids on 31st October, with €2 reduction if your kid comes dressed up. The Halloween special is on from 10h00 to 22h, with a make-up artist from 15h.

Animation Halloween chez Jumpy’s Party le parc

This indoor playground is in La Salvetat St Gilles and has a special halloween afternoon organised for you and your kids from 14h30 to 19h. Programme reservation here. 9€/kid and free for parents.

Halloween at Laser Game Evolution

From 20h to midnight, run around a laser game ground dressed-up. €20 for dressed-up participants, €25 for others. Information and reservation at

Playpark Halloween in Portet-sur-Garonne 

Special Halloween treasure hunt, prize draw for the best Halloween painting and other surprises during the evening. From 19h30 to 22h00, enjoy a special afternoon in the Playpark in Portet-sur-Garonne.

Halloween in a museum

Haunted Museum (le Muséum et le Musée des Augustins )

From 14h30 the little ones from 5 to 10 can hunt for ghost around the two museums. Three different rounds : 14h30, 15h30 and 16h30. You can either buy tickets before here or buy them on the day.

From 20h-23h30 the older ones (everyone from 10 years old) will be able to go around the haunted museums. Come dressed up and scare the ghosts yourself. A photo competition is also organised.

€10 entrance for the event. If you would like to do both museums, you benefit from a special price. Last entrance is at 22.30.

Halloween make-up

Animation Maquillage Halloween at Leclerc Blagnac

From 14h30 to 16h30 your little kids can come and get a special Halloween make-up done in the Leclerc in the commercial centre in Blagnac.

Pumpkin preparation

You have kids over 6? Join the pumpkin workshop at the Jardinerie Truffaut Toulouse Centre from the 20th to 31st October. You can find the detailed programme of workshop times here.

Other activities

Théâtre Des Grands Enfants

The Théâtre Des Grands Enfants is located in Cugnaux and offers different workshops next week, some even in English!


Le Village Gaulois

Another way to celebrate Halloween and lean everything about its origin. The Village Gaulois is located in Rieux Volvestre, approximately 40 minutes from Toulouse by car. A great destination for the whole family!

Happy Halloween!

Madlena Maren


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