Escape Games in Toulouse

A big fan of Escape Games, we tried quite some in Toulouse. This is of course not an exhaustive list, however it is a list of the one’s we tried (in English) and for which we would like to share our experience with you. Have fun being locked up for one hour with your friends!

One tip: Select the people you do an escape game with wisely, as different skills are requested during the game.


Enigma is definitely our favourite escape room company in Toulouse. They are really professional, they have thought-through stories, the decoration in the rooms are great and the team is really friendly.

Tip: While you wait, you can play amazing old games in the waiting area.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 13.47.49.pngE

We have tried these three rooms ourselves and would definitely recommend them:


This is still our absolute favourite. A great decor so that you feel straight absorbed in the story, enigmas for several people at the same time (no one is bored) and some thrill du to the story of Zombies hunting you. It was definitely one of the best one’s we have done, as it’s not so easy, a lot of diverse enigmas and time pressure is really present which makes it even more interesting.

Le Temple Perdu

The story of the “Lost Temple” is great, the decor is really amazing (you are straight standing in a Yukatan temple) and the enigmas are quite visual and tricky. The good thing about this one is that there is enough to do for everyone, you have to work together and you can even work in two groups to go faster. We have done it in a group of 4 and it worked out fine!

Le bureau de Pierre Rousseau

This escape room was the first one we have done. It is great for beginners to get into the world of escape rooms (difficulty 2/5). You really learn how to search for things and how to progress through an escape room. If you look for a nice story to start, then we would definitely recommend this one.

Live Show

They just recently opened a new escape room – Live Show. We haven’t tested it yet, however, it allows you to play with up to 12 people, 2 groups simultaneously in a battle mode.

Two addresses:
34 rue Bayard, Toulouse
43 Avenue de la Gloire, Toulouse

Adventure Rooms

Adventure Rooms is a bit a different style than enigma. It has normal rooms for a group up to 6 people, but also has rooms where you can battle yourself, so play at the same time. We have only tried one, here is our verdict:

Le tour du magicien

The decor of this escape room is quite nice, as you are in the world of a magician and circus. Through enigmas related to the circus world, you progress through the room. You can play this one in one group or do a battle of two groups at the same time. We did it in one group to have the experience together. Personally, the enigma were too similar throughout the escape room and there were far too many padlocks to progress. It gets a bit frustrating after a minute if you only need to find codes to open padlocks.


The Evasion (“the escape”) is a great escape game, where you start handcuffed in the dark with a countdown on the wall. It is not scary, but definitely brings you straight in the scenario and the mood. Good luck!

Adventure Rooms has two other rooms: “Sur les pistes de Jack” (On Jack’s tracks), “Vol au musée” (robbery in the museum), that we haven’t tried ourselves, so we wouldn’t like to give recommendations on them.

Two addresses:
8 Allées Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
8 Rue de Valenciennes, Toulouse

Get Out

Get Out has a great scenario. We have tried the “Panic Room”, where you investigate on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Locked up in the Panic Room of the White House, you try to get out before anything happens to you. The scenario was great, however it wasn’t that great in English. We were stuck quite some time, because some expressions in English haven’t made much sense. Unfortunately, they didn’t send us any hints.

12 Bd Maréchal Leclerc, Toulouse

EscapeRoom Toulouse

Very centrally located, they offer two escape rooms. The first one is called “L’Espion” (the spy) and plays in the spy’s appartement. It is full of enigmas of different types. Definitely good fun. We have done it in a group of 6 and we thought we were a bit too many, the “apartment” is not that big and sometimes it is not that easy to communicate.

The second one called “Le Naufrage” plays in a boat where the water slowly rises. Will you escape? We haven’t tried this one, however the owners told us that this one is kind of the continuation of the first one.

11 place Occitanie, Toulouse

HintHunt Toulouse

The brand new escape game is finally open. We heard about it for months and now it’s finally open. Already proven in cities like London, Paris, Cape Town and Dubai this chain promises an original decoration that hasn’t been seen in Toulouse so far. The scenario plays in a submarine and you need to escape from it while the water rises. Great scenario, a super friendly owner who loves what he does and an innovative new room used for two scenarios.

3 esplanade Compans Cafarelli, Centre Commercial Reflets Compans, Toulouse

All available escape rooms in Toulouse

You can find a full list of all escape games available in Toulouse here.

Hope you have as much fun as we do in trying out some escape games. It is great as team events for you and your colleagues or as an activity with friends. But as we said, choose them right 🙂

Have fun,

Madlena Maren

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