Valentine’s Day gifts

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Valentine’s Day is coming up! This normally means – quality time with your partner! If it is the night of Valentine’s Day or a gift that your partner will receive later on, there are plenty of options to make this day special. You do not want to buy just roses and champagne, but actually offer some activity that you can do as a couple? We have put together different ideas for you to surprise your partner next week!


💕 A day or weekend together

A day trip to the Pic du Midi 

A trip to the Pic du Midi can be a very special gift. Having done it ourselves, we can only tell you that it is truly magical to be on top of the Pyrenees to enjoy the sunset. You can either offer a day trip to the Pic or book an overnight stay at the hotel up there. What can be more romantic than enjoying the sunset and sunrise at the top of the Pyrenees?

A weekend trip to San-Sebastian 

San-Sebastian is only three hours away and offers very diverse activities. Enjoy some pintxos (tapas) in the old town, go for a swim in the sea, do a kayak tour in the bay or go for a great walk along the coast. A weekend there has so much to offer that you will find things to do for all tastes.

Day trips from Toulouse

You just recently moved to Toulouse and you don’t know the countryside that well yet? Why don’t you take your partner to Carcassonne, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie or go for a kayak tour under the bridge in Millau (during summer of course)? These and more tips on where to go for a day and weekend trips not too far from Toulouse can be found here.


💕 Time to relax

Your girl- or boyfriend loves to enjoy a nice hammam followed by a massage or even better, you love to go together to the hammam/sauna or enjoy a great spa after a day of skiing? No problem! We have put together a great list of where to relax in Toulouse and the Pyrenees.


💕 Sporty activities

Winter sports in the Pyrenees

The skiing season is not over yet. Why not spending a weekend together in the Pyrenees? Your partner doesn’t ski? Why not take him/her on a dog sledding trip or a romantic dinner in a mountain chalet only accessible by snow mobiles? Here is our selection of the best winter sport activities.

Yoga classes

You always wanted to do some yoga together? Acro yoga sounds familiar but you do not know where to do so? Have a look at this list of yoga studios in Toulouse.

Some of them also offer weekend yoga seminars not far from Toulouse, a nice treat as well.


💕 Creative activities

Art classes

Your partner was always talking about trying out a painting class or you wanted to paint together? We have the perfect class for you. Join the Mon’Studio Saturday classes for a first great art class. The classes are taught in French and English and we promise you, the result is always great.

Sewing classes

Café Couture offers great sewing classes for all levels and open workshops. They offer 3-4 classes per week in the evenings and on weekends. If you already have some projects you started at home and you need some help with, you can also come with your projects and work on them right in the “atelier”.


💕 Action activities

Escape Game

Ladies, why not get together with some other friends and offer an escape game to your boyfriends? You can be up to 3 couples and we guarantee you it will be great fun! Here is our selection on Escape Games we tried in English.

Laserquest, paintball, quad, fly zone and much more

Do you think a day together playing laser quest, paintball or going on a quad tour would be the perfect gift? Then have a look here at our list of different action activities.


💕  Jewellery from local designers

Je would like to offer some jewellery to your girlfriend, but not from a big brand, but small local designers. Have a look at our jewellery shop list here.


💕 Restaurants and home cooking

Restaurants for a special night out

Bookings for the 14th February at the nicest restaurants in Toulouse are probably not possible anymore, but why not offering a nice evening on another day? Find the list of fine dining restaurants here.

Cooking a special meal

You prefer to stay at home on Valentine’s Day and to cook a special meal for your partner? No worries at all! You can find here a list of exotic supermarkets in Toulouse, in case you would like to cook something exotic.

If you want to surprise your boy- or girlfriend with some delicious cheese and red wine, here is our selection of the best cheese shops in Toulouse. Your partner is more into sweet pastries? Find the list of best pastry shops in Toulouse on the same blog article.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day. You still have time to organise a big surprise for your special one, so use the time wisely. But don’t forget: this day is all about showing your loved one’s how much you care, rather than buying big presents. 

Madlena Maren

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