A weekend in Périgord Noir (Dordogne)

Perigord Noir

Known for delicious specialities, such as truffel, duck, goose, wine and much more, this region has a lot to offer. It is an ideal region to spend a weekend. If you are looking for a weekend in nature, with delicious gastronomy and visits to some great historical monuments and towns, then this is the perfect trip for you.

A trip to Sarlat

A little pittoresk town with 9,000 inhabitants in the lovely region of Perigord Noir. Sarlat was a very wealthy city in the middle ages and had a big monastery. If you are interested in the history of the city, then please read this great summary. 

Things to see

Take a stroll through the old town

Sarlat has a lot of little streets that invite for a walk. There is for example the very cute little square “Place du Marché aux Oies” with three bronze geese in the centre of this beautiful “Goose Market Square” or the Eglise Sainte-Marie. You can find a great overview of monuments and streets to visit here.

Weekly Market

For some very French and authentic feeling of the city, join the weekly market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Find here the full list of food markets around the Perigord region.

If you would like to discover Sarlat, there is a new original way to do so. Join the Sarlat Escape Game and get another view on the city.

A visit to prehistory

Prehistory caves

The Perigord has a lot of different caves and prehistory sites to offer. Great for adults and kids alike, Lascaux IV is probably the most impressive one in International Centre for Cave Art. Built in December 2016, they rebuilt the full original cave with all the sensations that come with it (cold and dark).

Château de Commarque

This Castle is a real discovery. We have visited it on New Year’s Eve, when they actually opened for a special Middle Ages ball. In summer, they are open every day and offer four guided visits everyday (included in the entry price).

The great thing about this castle is that they offer workshops during school holidays from Monday to Friday, so that your little one’s can really learn a lot about our past.


Perigord noir has a lot of specialities to offer. It’s very “terroir” as the French say. You can find a lot of different local products, mostly around duck and goose.

Terroir products

  • Foie gras
  • Truffle
  • Confit & Magret
  • Pomme de terre sarladaise (fried potatoes with goose fat with parsley and garlic)
  • Walnuts and Chestnuts
  • Millas (a pumpkin cake)
  • Boletus (“the cep” from Perigord)
  • Tourain (a local soup made with garlic and goose fat)

Terroir days (around Ascension)

Always the Thursday and Friday around Ascension Day, Sarlat organises 2 days a special fair around local products. Enjoy some nice food tastings and animations over the days. Here is all the information you need.

Sporty activities in the Périgord Noir

Are you sporty? Are you looking for some activities during your stay?

Going on a (mountain) bike tour

Biking is a great way to discover the Dordogne. There are 35km of cycling routes that are all nicely indicated from Sarlat to Cazoulès. The green routes are very easily accessible to bikers, but also to roller bladers and especially also for people in wheelchairs. For those who want some more challenging routes, take the red one’s. The Perigord is not as flat as you think. Click here to download the map.

Perigord Sarlat Bike Map

Walking and hiking tours

This area is not a real mountain area, however it is not flat neither. Find here a list of great walks and hikes around the area. We haven’t had time to go on any walking tour, however the area looks particularly great to enjoy the nature and get your hiking boots out.

For all sporty activities around Sarlat, please visit this website.


We rented a big house with a group of friends that was just amazing. Brand new, 12 beds, a huge living area, outdoor pool and a huge garden. There is not much around there and you have to take the car to go to different places like Sarlat and Château de Commarque, but the house offers enough space to really enjoy your time with your friends. As you are directly in nature, you can easily go for walks or morning runs through the picturesque landscape.

This region is quite magical and we have several friend who got married here, as the region offers amazing “châteaux” and “domaines” with enough space for you and your friends.  Have a great weekend in the Périgord Noir region and enjoy your time, 


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