Bike rides from Toulouse

Cycling trips around Toulouse

The weather is getting better, the days are longer. Time for some outdoor activities in and around Toulouse. If you are looking for some sports activities in nature, then why don’t go on a bike ride? You are new in Toulouse? Then bike trips are a great way to discover the city and the surroundings.

Along the Canal du Midi

You can start the cycling tour from wherever along the Canal. I normally start at the little harbour Pont Saint-Saveur. If you ride along the Canal, you can basically go all the way down South to Carcassonne or turn around after a certain distance.

I like going all the way to Pompertuzat where you have a great view on a typical canal bridge (around 15km from Toulouse centre).

Bike tours Canal

There is only one place along the Canal where you can stop for a drink and that is Ecluse de Castanet in Castanet-Tolosan. They also serve lunch (12km from Toulouse).

The Canal is great in all seasons. I personally prefer spring as it’s all nice and green, but also autumn is amazing with the changing colours of leaves.

Toulouse to La Ramée


If you want to go for a swim at La Ramée or just enjoy the lake for a picnic or to hang out, then cycle from the centre to Arènes and out to Lardenne (there are mostly cycle paths along the way). In Lardenne you will find signs to the Park.

La coulée verte du Touch

Le long du Touch

The Touch offres 9km of green cycling paths. It starts at the windmill in Saint Martin du Touch (close to the Purpan Carrefour) and goes all the way to Tournefeuille. You can also go all the way to La Ramée after and enjoy some time at the lake.

Blagnac/Lac de Sesquière or Gagnac-sur-Garonne

This bike route starts either from Toulouse (careful the cycling path along the Garonne from Pont des Catalans to Pont de Blagnac is currently closed) or directly from the Pont de Blagnac (next to the restaurant Jardin de l’Olympe). It takes you along the river Garonne and ends at the Lac de Sesquière where you can either sit down for a drink or watch the many wakeboarders.

If you are sportier and want to go on, then you can also go further along the Garonne until you reach Gagnac-sur-Garonne, where you cross over the Garonne to the other side and come back to Blagnac.

Blagnac Velo Garonne.png

Find the full cycling map here.

Forêt de Bouconne


The forest offers great cycling paths. The best, however, is to take your bike there and start the track form the forest, as you need to go there on normal roads first. Mountain bikes are recommended for the uneven path.

Along the Garonne from Toulouse to Blagnac (still closed in 2019 due to construction) 


Start your journey at the Pont Neuf and ride along Daurade, Place Saint-Pierre up to Pont des Catalans where the cycle path to Blagnac starts.

Ride all the way to the Pont de Blagnac where you cross over to turn straight right onto the path along the Garonne. After 1km you will find the Park des Ramiers.

Either stop here (8km up to here) or continue along the Garonne until you reach the Park des Quinze Sols (a mountain bike is recommended as it’s forest trails).

Guided bike rides

Free tours by the city of Toulouse

The city offers guided bike rides once per month to discover the city. The next one is on 2nd June. The tour is free and you do not need to register beforehand.

Find the full calendar with all different bike tours here.

Toulouse Bike Tour by Avélo31

Toulouse Bike Tour offers tours between 2 and 3 hours to discover Toulouse and the surroundings. Included in the price (€25 for a normal tour, €39 for the tour with a lunch break) is a city bike, helmet and a safety vest.

Maison du vélo

The Maison du vélo offers two different type of bike tours: Discovering Toulouse (City bike): 2h-2h30 for 23€/pers. or Toulouse panoramic (E-bike): 3h-3h30 for 35€/pers.. Find the full agenda with possible dates here.

Velotrement (e-bike)

Velotrement is a bike tour services that only offers trips with e-bikes. You can therefore go much further. You can either stay in the city of Toulouse, do a tour in nature or even go all the way to Aeroscopia and enjoy the visit of the museums.

Viator (e-bike)

This e-bike tour takes you in a small group of max. 8 people through the major landmarks of the pink city. Meeting at 9:30am or 14pm for from €35.00. 

Enjoy the public holidays this week and have fun discovering Toulouse and its surroundings by bike, 


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